Featuring Haldex
Calipers and Actuators

CBXA40 AeroBeam

Slider Air Suspension Axle System
For Van and Reefer Trailers

SAF is recognized as a global leader in air disc brake technology with millions of disc brake axles in service worldwide since 1996.

Leveraging its global network of engineering, testing and manufacturing expertise, SAF has developed a family of disc brake systems to meet the unique requirements of the North American trailer market.

Featuring Haldex
Calipers and Actuators

With the Legendary INTEGRAL® Rotor/Hub and Premium Sealed Bearings for Reduced Maintenance.


  •  INTEGRAL® Rotor
  •  Low-Rolling Resistant, Long-Life Sealed Bearings
  •  Premium Brake Chamber
  •  Proven SAF Caliper
  •  Robust Parallel Spindle
  •  Premium Spindle Nut
  •  7-Year Warranty

All the Benefits You Expect From the World’s Leading Trailer Axle Disc Brake Supplier, at a Price Point That Makes Sense for Commercial Fleets of All Sizes.


  •  Heavy-Duty Vented Rotor
  •  Proven SAF Caliper
  •  Premium Matched Set Bearings
  •  Parallel or Taper Spindle
  •  5-Year Warranty

Tire Pilot Plus™

Improve Profitability by Enhancing Tire Life, Fuel Efficiency and Uptime

Optional Tire Pilot Plus™ not only controls pressure through inflation, but also maintains equal pressure across all wheels and features high pressure relief for overinflated tires.

The robust design sets it apart from competitive designs with durable components.

Proper Air Pressure is Critical to Tire Life

Full Contact
Optimizes traction, handling and maximizes tire life.

Outside Contact
Accelerates irregular tread wear, increases rolling resistance, and reduces fuel efficiency by up to 2%.

Center Contact
Only reduces tire life and traction. Tire is susceptible to tread damage and punctures.

Introduction to Tire Pilot Plus™

Installation Procedures

Troubleshooting Procedures


Cast Beam Technology

Lightweight cast steel trailing arm beam design meets the demand for durability while providing a low overall system weight.

Combined with the optimized SAF axle, this system makes certain the CBX40 is the industry’s lightest weight slider air suspension axle system.


Fastest and Most Convenient Axle Alignment System in the Industry

No replacement parts or disassembly is required. Axle alignment adjustment is made directly by the lead screw, and requires less than 250 ft. lbs. of torque to adjust.

  • No loosening, re-torquing, or rebuilding the pivot connection
  • No replacement parts
  • Saves 2-hrs in shop labor time and $50 in replacement parts over competitor’s alignment systems

Multi-Functional Pivot Bushing

SAF CBX series trailer air suspensions feature a patented, multi-functional pivot bushing with an exclusive external void design that extends the life and performance of the bushing when compared to the life of the internal void bushing design found in competitive suspensions.

Significant Bottom Line Savings

  • Fewer Axle Alignments
  • Reduced Tire Wear
  • Decreased Fuel Consumption
  • Increased Suspension Component Life
  • 7-Year Warranty

When driving over potholes, expansion joints, curbs, as well as, accelerating and braking.

Design Performance: With more mass along the bushing front and rear, fore and aft movement is minimized.

Design Benefit: Axle alignment is preserved, maximizing tire life and fuel mileage.


When trailer shifts from side to side while cornering, changing lanes, hitting potholes, or during curb strikes.

Design Performance: The external void design, allows the bushing to flex, keeping the tires in contact with the road surface.

Design Benefit: This is critical to roll stability and vehicle handling, as well as for prolonging tire life.


When driving on uneven road surfaces, and while cornering or changing lanes.

Design Performance: Strategically placed external voids at the bushing top and bottom, allows the bushing to more easily compress vertically.

Design Benefit: Improved ride quality and less stress on the trailer frame and suspension components.


When suspension moves up and down during normal daily operations.

Design Performance: The external void design, fairs better over time than an internal void design that tends to fatigue and crack.

Design Benefit: Longer life and unmatched durability for reduced maintenance costs over the life of the suspension.

Auto PosiLift™

The patented Auto-PosiLift™ feature will automatically lift the front axle when the system senses that only one axle is necessary to carry the load. This arrangement combines the brain and the brawn to increase our fleet efficiency.

Significant Bottom Line Savings:

  • Increased fuel mileage
  • Increased tire life & reduced tire scrub
  • No driver interaction required
  • Reduction in toll fees
  • Increased suspension component life
  • Longer wheel end service intervals

How the System Works:

This is a fully automated system, with no driver interaction required!

TRACTOR POWER ON and trailer parking brakes released:
– Air spring pressure is read
– System determines if axle should be in up or down position

TRACTOR POWER OFF and trailer parking brakes engaged:
– The system automatically deploys the front axle to the down position.

The position of the front axle will remain constant (either up or down,) depending on the load condition


80ksi Yield Steel Slide Box

The Only Suspension Offering an 80KSI Steel Slide Box as Standard.

To get the same durability in a competitor’s slide box, you would PAY EXTRA for the heavy-duty model option.

The SAF-CBX40 suspension is STRONGER, LIGHTER and more resistant to RACKING and BUCKLING due to the EXCLUSIVE manufacturing features that come standard on CBX40 air slide suspensions.

  1. 80KSI Yield Steel Frame
    The use of high strength materials allows SAF to offer one of the industry’s lightest weight systems with uncompromising performance. This results in more payload capacity and lower maintenance costs.
  2. Reinforced Sill Plate
    Large reinforcement plates are located between the first and second crossmembers. These plates significantly improve the strength of the slider box.
  3. Reinforced Side Sill
    Strategically located reinforcement ribs between the front and rear suspension improve the durability of the side sill.
  1. Reinforced Crossmembers
    Full height crossmembers are located over each hanger bracket and air spring to efficiently transfer payload through the slider frame and into the axles.

  2. Reinforced Channel
    Additional reinforcement channels are added to the rear of the slide box to resist damage from the rear stop bar caused while the slider is re-positioned. The reinforcement channels extend all the way to the rear crossmember for maximum strength.

  3. 80KSI Yield Steel Roll Formed Upper Body Rails Available
    SAF proudly manufactures high strength lightweight body rails in a custom designed rolling mill in our Warrenton, MO factory. Our body rails are built with exacting tolerance to ensure years of trouble free operation.

Air Release

This compact and durable Air Release system is a simple, efficient pin-pull design that retracts and engages the slider pins using the conveniently located valve handle. The release valve includes a safety circuit that automatically engages the slider pins when the parking brakes are released.


1. All Pins Engaged Together:
Unlike competitive models that activate each pin separately, the slider pins on the SAF Air Release system are rigidly connected to a central shaft, this gives the operator the confidence of knowing that if one pin is engaged, all (4) pins are engaged.

2. Air Release System Comes Standard:
With an exclusive manual pin release feature that allows the operator to release/engage the slider pins in the event of an air-down situation.

Black Armour™

The Most Advanced Suspension Corrosion Protection Available!

Black Armour™

Standard on all SAF Suspensions

Protect your fleet and your bottom line when you spec a CBX40 series suspension system that comes standard with the exclusive Black Armour™ corrosion protection treatment.

This advanced corrosion protection gives you the ultimate defense against rust and corrosion.

… Only from SAF-HOLLAND

  • Factory applied on ALL CBX40 suspensions
  • Weighs and cost significantly less than hot-dip galvanization
  • Can be used as a finish coat or a primer

A Unique Chemical Treatment – Not Just Another Paint or Coating!

Black Armour™ metal treatment is the perfect foundation for fleets that want to add their own topcoat. It can act either as a topcoat, or a primer for nearly any topcoat, all without additional sanding or prep work.

Black Armour™ is a water-based zinc-free coating with 72% fewer solvents than traditional coatings and fewer VOCs!

Black Armour™ is not just a paint – it grafts with metal to form a protective skin that will not shrink or peel, and is impervious to moisture and today’s harsh, anti-icing agents. Unlike paints and powder-coats, Black Armour™ prevents rust creep should chipping occur.

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